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No permit required: Developing Cape Coral in 1958

The development of Cape Coral began in 1958 in the southeastern portion of the Cape, at Redfish Point along Matlacha Pass. No building permits were required and the mud started flying.

As a result, 5 things happened.

1. Over the next 5 years, the mangroves fringing the land were removed, and more than 50 million cubic yards of salt marsh and salt flats were excavated, the fill used to attain the minimum elevation of 5.5 feet above sea level required for building.

2. The stripping and dredging operations continued for nearly 20 years before dreaded new water- and wetland-development regulations stopped them. But by then, Cape Coral had the most extensive canal system in the world!

3. Perhaps significantly, the replacement of natural wetlands with land fill removed a natural water source, as well as the shoreline stabilization and protection against storm surges provided by mangroves. The canals are possibly conduits for catastrophic storm-water surges; the canals have the potential, therefore, of turning this waterfrontwonderland into a waterworld wonderland.

4. Polluted storm-water runoff added to the stagnant water in the canals does occasionally breed algae blooms that, incidentally, deprive sea life in the canals and in the estuarine environments around them of oxygen.

5. The removal of the mangroves has eliminated their water-cleansing effect upon these estuaries, and as the mangroves were lush habitat for shellfish and finfish, their removal may, as commercial fishermen say, have severely depleted one of the most abundant fishing grounds in the world of both its recreational and commercial fish.

Nevertheless, as developer Leonard Rosen claimed, uninhabitable mangroves and wetlands are “absolutely useless,” whereas developing Cape Coral into a boaters’ paradise has made their dreams a reality for untold thousands of future homeowners.





Midtown: Fort Myers puts plan on hold for more input

The biggest growth plan in Fort Myers history will have more time – until August 7 –  to answer public questions, City Council members decided Monday night after hours of public input.  Click link to read more……..

10 Best Places to Camp in Florida

Experience Florida’s gorgeous beaches at a quieter pace-fall asleep to the sound of water kissing the shore, spot incredible wildlife, and explore some of the state’s most treasured protected lands-at these beautiful campsites on the coast.

Pending Home Sales Leap 5.5% in February

WASHINGTON (March 29, 2017) — Pending home sales rebounded sharply in February to their highest level in nearly a year and second-highest level in over a decade, according to the National Association of Realtors®. All major regions saw a notable hike in contract activity last month.

The Pending Home Sales Index,*, a forward-looking indicator based on contract signings, jumped 5.5 percent to 112.3 in February from 106.4 in January. Last month’s index reading is 2.6 percent above a year ago, is the highest since last April (113.6) and the second highest since May 2006 (112.5).  

Renters Are Starting to Feel Richer, But…

Trying to convert renters to homeowners? Your job may be getting tougher. A new survey from Freddie Mac finds more renters are optimistic about their financial situations, but they’re less likely to move even if their rents increase.

“It would appear from our new survey that renters today feel better about their finances, like where they are living, and view renting favorably,” says David Brickman, executive vice president of Freddie Mac Multifamily. “This is consistent with findings from earlier surveys that show a steadily growing number of renters have a positive view of renting.”

A declining number of renters say they are working toward homeownership, expect to buy a home, or plan to move within the next few years, the survey shows. Fifty-nine percent of the nearly 1,300 renters surveyed say they plan to rent their next home, an increase from 55 percent since Freddie Mac’s last renter survey in September 2016.

Need help talking up the benefits of owning? Why Homeownership Still Matters
Consumers’ favor for renting comes at a time when they’re getting a better handle on their finances. Forty-one percent of renters surveyed say they now have enough money to last beyond each payday, up from 34 percent in September. All age groups surveyed expressed an increase in financial confidence from the last survey, but it was most pronounced among baby boomers, growing from 38 percent in September to 48 percent now.

They don’t plan to switch apartments either. The number of renters who say they plan to move during the next two years dropped from 38 percent to 33 percent. Further, 55 percent of all respondents—and 60 percent of 35- to 49-year olds—say they like where they currently live and don’t plan to move, even if their rents increase.

Meanwhile, the percentage of renters who say they expect to own dropped to 41 percent from 45 percent in September.

Source: “Profile of Today’s Renter/Multifamily Renter Research,” Freddie Mac (March 2017)

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